Voice Traffic Abuse

Data Guard from Mobik stopped mobile data abuse and provided the MNO with data visualisation and valuable business intelligence.

Client info:

  • Mobile subscribers: 45 million
  • Total rvenue: 1.6 billion $
  • Territory: Asia


Legacy fraud detection solutions

The client with a subscriber base of more than 45 million mobile subscribers was utilising two different international voice bypass and SIMBOX detection solutions. These legacy solutions provided test call generation and big data analysis separately and were able to detect approximately 500 unique fraudulent SIM cards per day.


Voice Guard, our leading market solution, once fully deployed, was able to increase daily detection of fraudulent SIM cards to tenfold.

Now, more than 5000 unique fraudulent SIM cards are detected per day which greatly surpasses both previously deployed voice revenue assurance solutions. Superb results were achived with the unique Off-Net fraud redirection and blocking all in real time with Mobik Voice Firewall Gateway platform.


Voice Guard becomes the sole revenue assurance solution for the client

Our client cancelled agreements with previous voice revenue assurance providers and kept Voice Guard as a sole voice revenue assurance solution. Higher SIMBOX detection rate in combination with extremely accurate reporting and analysis yielded higher revenues for our client which has been successfully using our voice revenue assurance solution for more than 5 years.

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We would love to chat, leave us your details and we will give you a call right away.