Mobile Data Charging Abuse

Data Guard from Mobik stopped mobile data abuse and provided the MNO with data visualisation and valuable business intelligence.

Client info:

  • Mobile subscribers: 31 million
  • Territory: Europe


Zero-rate data bundle abuse / Social packages abuse

Data fraud is a common problem for MNOs on a global scale. The volume of data traffic is growing at high speed while the revenue from data remains fairly flat due to price erosions and the need to design packages that are competitive on the market. Exploitations of this situation are becoming increasingly more frequent. Today, data fraud already accounts for an alarming 1-2% of mobile data revenue.

MNOs are competing in a demanding market, trying to attract new subscribers and increase data usage with promotions and special deals, bundles, discounted rates for mobile data service and even zero-rated services/apps. These special bundles and packages are being exploited on a daily basis to minimaze the cost per MB and to access complete internet browsing for as small of a charge as possible.


Instant implementation of Mobik’s premium market solution Data Guard provided a real-time detection and prevention of mobile subscribers using different exploit techniques to access internet browsing free of charge or to be billed at a significantly lower rate.


Mobile data abuse stopped in order for the MNO to monetise special packages in full 

Mobik’s Data Guard put a stop to subscribers abusing the mobile network. In just 3 months the mobile operator was able to offer unlimited social packages confident that no loss of its data revenue will occur.

The Data Guard platform also provided the MNO with a full data visualisation. Our data visualisation is now used as a centralised platform which acts as a complete monitoring and network troubleshooting tool for the whole core network of the MNO. This assures valuable and tangible business intelligence that can serve as a backbone to safeguarding revenue.

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We would love to chat, leave us your details and we will give you a call right away.