A2P Monetization

SMS Guard from Mobik prevente A2P grey routing and increased revenue from A2P SMS volumes almost tenfold.

Client info:

  • Mobile subscribers: 45 million
  • Total rvenue: 1.6 billion $
  • Territory: Asia


A2P grey routing

Given the number of sources and applications of A2P SMS messages, the volume has grown exponentially over the recent years and forecast to continue to growing substantially. An estimated 85% of A2P messages are sent via grey routes, indicating a massive revenue leakage risk to MNOs, and a massive profit opportunity right at their fingertips.


Instant implementation of Mobik’s leading market solution SMS Guard resulted in an immediate increase of A2P SMS volume. In just 18 months our solution multiplied the total charged volume of A2P SMS messages by five and continues to increase.


A2P SMS revenue multiplied 9.7x

Within 18 months Mobik’s SMS Guard resulted in an almost tenfold increase in overall revenue generated from A2P SMS charged volumes. Since our relationship with the client was set up with a longterm prospect in mind, we performed a complimentiary due dilligence and business assessment. This in combination with Mobik’s SMS Guard helped us deliver outstanding results for our customer.

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We would love to chat, leave us your details and we will give you a call right away.