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SMS Guard

Mobik’s SMS Guard managed service is a cutting-edge solution to protect mobile networks from fraudulent SMS’s, and fully protects the network after detection. It is the only fully managed, high end solution available on the market today that enables mobile operators to detect fraudulent messages in real time, without reconfiguring any network elements.

Most mobile network operators over the recent years have concentrated heavily on trying to figure out alternative revenue generation opportunities from messaging due to the number of OTT messaging services available. Many even went so far as to develop their own OTT messaging services in the hope of controlling the flow of data and communication, to no avail. This has led to the neglect of one of the alternative and highly lucrative revenue streams in messaging, A2P messaging.

Given the number of sources and applications of A2P SMS messages, the volume has grown exponentially over the recent years and forecast to continue to growing substantially as additional use cases our applied. An estimated 85% of A2P messages are sent via grey routes, indicating a massive revenue leakage risk to MNOs, and a massive profit opportunity right at their fingertips.

A2P Message Volume Drivers

Advertising &
Account Activation &
IoT & M2M

Why Choose Mobik SMS Guard

  • Zero CAPEX or OPEX for the MNO
  • Detailed metrics and reporting
  • 83 Configurable TAGs (traffic assessment gateways) globally
  • Ability to assess specific destinations, MNOs, and SMS hubs
  • No single point of failure compared to home
    routing and anti-spam SMS filtering
  • Proven track record with 430 million subscribers under our revenue assurance solutions
  • Dedicated specialist in MNO fraud detection


  • Generating hundreds of millions of US$ for MNOs globally
  • No reconfiguring of network elements
  • No changes or any interference on existing signalling
  • 100% reliability
  • Machine learning capabilities combined with big data analytics
  • Full anti-fraud managed solution
  • Configurable in 24 hours
  • Generate real revenue and profit immediately
  • 24/7 Support

Mobik SMS Guard Grey Route Detection

Are you looking to stop revenue leakage and generate direct profits for your business?