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OTT bypass is eroding voice business as we speak

An innovative real-time application bypass detection service designed to detect and prevent fraud in your mobile network. OTT Guard is a cutting edge solution which can eliminated fraudulent activities and increase operators revenue within hours in operation

OTT penetration enables termination fraud

With the increasing penetration of smartphones, dedicated applications have also made a big difference in users behaviour. People’s desire for continuous communication and possibly even for free or less costly has influenced the development of OTT applications. Most of them also offer integration with classic voice systems, which further compounded their divide. The fact that applications are free for their basic purpose influences their mass use and adoption, and offers application manufacturers free access to subscribers. This enables activities such as international voice call termination. Most app users are not even aware that their calls are being terminated via OTT channels.

OTT bypass combat requires advanced technology

Combating OTT calls that do not originate between two users using the same OTT application requires thorough combat. It starts with analysing data traffic using the DPI traffic breakdown. In this way, we are able to differentiate between all forms of data traffic at the operator and at the same time separate the traffic for each individual OTT application. After detecting and isolating fraudulent OTT traffic with advanced analytics, it is a matter of operator what he wants to do with this type traffic e.g. just to quantified or reported, divert to IVR, or even block.

The OTT Guard Platform

Mobik’s OTT Guard is designed to identify and eliminate fraudulent incoming calls from the OTTs that are bypassing traditional operator interconnection channels and terminating international originating GSM voice calls over operator’s data network free of charge.

OTT Guard is designed to utilise new trends of technologies interlaced between artificial intelligence technology, machine learning technology and deep learning technology. With the expertise of knowledge from Mobik engineers when tackling voice fraud arising from different sources there is only one goal – to generate substantial additional profits for operators through Mobik unique off-premises revenue assurance managed solutions.

Fully managed
Fully scalable
24/7 forensic
Advanced AI
and ML

OTT Guard includes

  • DPI probes for capturing and classifying the data traffic.
  • Software platform for OTT fraud detection and OTT fraud prevention.
  • Big Data Analytics platform for OTT apps.
  • Live dashboards for OTT traffic with data granularity per subscriber.
  • Managed service with global probing from Mobik’s dedicated probing network for detection of OTT fraud.
  • Fully managed daily test by Mobik for OTT abuse at MNO.
  • 24/7 managed service with the support of dedicated forensic team.
  • Regular updates of OTT applications.

OTT Guard enables operators to

  • Detect OTT voice bypass fraud in real-time (eg. Viber, WhatsApp).
  • Stop OTT voice bypass in real-time.
  • Correctly analyse OTT traffic and visualise the data.
  • Visualize potential voice revenue loss with MTR and OTT bypass price comparison.
  • Live monitoring and dashboards for voice traffic by OTT apps.
  • Real-time reporting of multiple parameters for OTT apps.
  • Monetize inbound international voice traffic by blocking OTT voice bypass fraud.
  • Increase the revenue with promotional offerings for voice traffic where OTT traffic is jeopardizing traditional voice interconnect revenue.

Are you looking to stop OTT bypass fraud and generate direct profits for your business?