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Data traffic is increasing and is vulnerable to fraud

Data services and data consumption are growing exponentially. Total mobile data traffic is expected to rise at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of approximately 40%. Intense competition between Communication Service Providers (CSPs), and especially MNOs, has increasingly led to MNOs differentiating on data services. This increasing demand for data requires significant investment by MNOs to upgrade its network in order to satisfy valuable customers.

Mobile Data revenue is oxygen for the future growth, financial stability, and survival of the MNOs. The proliferation of data services brings new risks associated with the services. MNOs who do not employ Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) data analysis will be more exposed to these risks. In order to secure the revenue and optimize CAPEx and OPEX, MNOs will need to have more in-depth information about each service and application their subscribers are using. This will only be possible if the MNO has visibility into deep network analytics and deep subscriber analytics.

40% Mobile data growth CAGR

Telecommunications technology has evolved rapidly in recent years. Understanding how to maximize the return of investment in technology is one of the many challenges faced by MNOs worldwide. Global telecom service providers are starting to leverage data as a method to extract additional value.

70% of MNO revenue is from mobile data

Today the mobile data revenue for an MNO represents more than 70% of total revenue! The cost of investment in spectrum and network are growing while the price per Gigabyte is declining. Without quality data services and successful monetization of these services, MNOs will not recoup their investment.

The Data Guard Platform

Mobik’s Data Guard platform, combined with our managed service, is the most powerful antifraud solution to protect MNOs from exploitation in the field of mobile data fraud.
Data Guard was developed to protect mobile data revenue and enable MNOs to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive landscape as threat resistant and reliable providers. Product/service differentiation is particularly essential for an MNO to stimulate additional data revenues.

Data Guard platform to prevent data fraud is based on our advanced AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to detect data fraud in real time. Through continuous monitoring of data streams, Data Guard detects and prevents any of the following in real-time:

  • data revenue leakages
  • zero-rate charging exploitation
  • data package abuse
  • billing fraud
  • fair data usage abuse

In addition, the platform identifies network threats in real-time and provides MNO with powerful insights to make data-driven decisions.

Fully managed
Fully scalable
24/7 forensic
Advanced AI
and ML

Why Choose Mobik Data Guard

  • Accurate real-time classification of all available applications and protocols.
  • Real-time detection of data fraud with granular view of each subscriber.
  • Real-time data exploit prevention and billing mismatch detection for each data service.
  • Network visualization of mobile data monetization.
  • Daily update of fraudulent apps and mechanisms used to commit fraud globally.
  • Fair usage policy management for each data and add-on service.
  • Fully managed solution with support from Mobik’s forensic team.

Advantages of working with Mobik

  • Mobik provides a full range of anti-fraud solutions (SMS, voice, data, roaming, IoT etc.) which can easily be added so can work with just one service provider.
  • Immediate increase in revenue and profit.
  • Centralized communication with top management and dedicated Mobik forensic team located in South Africa.
  • Daily reporting for each service provides with a powerful tool to control business performance.
  • Sharing Mobik’s global expertise and telco knowledge to combat telco fraud.

Are you looking to stop data revenue drainage and generate direct profits for your business?