About us

Accelerating network health and security to better serve human interaction

The world is interconnected but technology is never completely abuse-proof. We believe the well-being of networks hinges on the strength of their intelligence aimed at service optimization and protection. Our passion is to catalyse the evolution of networks by developing powerful telco solutions based on European technology and know-how. We are standard-bearers of excellence in revenue assurance, network assurance and customer intelligence.

Established in 2005 Mobik is an international telecom service provider and a subsidiary of the Mobik Group. As a global provider we have operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Australia and Asia.

Our revenue assurance services currently serve over 550 million mobile subscribers globally. We have helped multiple mobile network operators (MNOs) grow their SMS, voice and data businesses, generating substantial profits for our clients through our unique managed solutions.

With expansion and consumption of data operators face even bigger challenges compared to legacy voice and SMS technologies. Satisfying customer’s demands while simultaneously monitoring vast consumption to detect and eliminate abuse is extremely complicated.

Revenue assurance services provided by Mobik are predominantly non-intrusive and require no network integration. They are specifically designed to co-exist with whatever solutions are already in place. However, where the operator does not have the requisite technical capability (an SMS firewall or Deep Packet Inspection for real-time threat detection), Mobik provides this to the operator for the project to be successful.

Our intelligence is derived from our extensive global probing network, which enables us to detect all fraud types faster than our competitors. Through our AI and deep learning platforms we can operate with huge data sets and currently analyse over 1 billion records for a customer with over 50 million subscribers in less than 1 second.

Our research and development into detecting and preventing fraud is handled by our forensic teams distributed worldwide and allows us to tailor make solutions for each customer.

Mobik’s current wave of technology development is dedicated to supporting the operator in customer experience management and customer value management. We are building the platforms of the future around big data with machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics.

Our mission

  • Cultivate long-term partnerships with our clients.
  • Build best in class solutions.
  • Specialise to be the best at what we do.
  • Generate revenue and direct profit for our clients.
  • Build integrity and trust.

How we work

  • Listen to the needs of our clients.
  • Operate with flexibility.
  • Challenge everything.
  • Constantly rethink to be ahead.
  • Respect confidentiality without question.
How can we help you?

Tell us about your challenges and we will find a solution best fitted to your needs.