Company overview

Mobik is an international telecom service provider established in 2005 and a subsidiary of the Mobik Group. As a global service provider, we have operations across Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and South America. Our revenue assurance services currently serve more than 430 million mobile subscribers globally. We have helped multiple mobile operators to grow their SMS (P2P and A2P) and voice businesses, generating substantial additional profits for our clients through our unique off-premise managed solutions.

Mobik’s portfolio originally began with Mobik SMS Guard, our SMS fraud detection solution. As we developed, delivering exceptional results to our clients in SMS fraud detection, we began getting requests to support our clients in voice fraud detection. This resulted in Mobik Voice Guard, the most comprehensive voice fraud detection available, requiring no CAPEX or OPEX to our clients, with no interference on the mobile network operator network.
Our research and development into the ever-changing mobile fraud and grey route channels is ongoing. Mobik’s current wave of new technology development is dedicated to building platforms and solutions supporting mobile network operators in customer experience management and customer value management. We are building the platforms of the future around big data, resulting in machine learning capabilities and predictive analytics.

Infinite Possibilities with Endless Opportunities.

Our mission

  • Cultivate long term partnerships with our clients
  • Build best in class solutions
  • Specialise to be the best
  • Generate revenue and direct profit for our clients
  • Build Integrity and trust

How we work

  • Listen to our clients
  • Operate with flexibility
  • Challenge everything
  • Constantly rethink to be ahead
  • Respect confidentiality without question
How can we help you?

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